Private Lender Participation Programs*

Active or Passive

Passive investing with HomeQwest Development Group, LLC

The Passive Investor places funds specifically for and secured by one property through a third-party Title Agency closing then releasing those funds to HomeQwest. The investor receives a guaranteed negotiated return on his/her investment usually between 8-10% annually.

All proper documentation, insurances, and representations would have already been furnished and agreed upon prior to the closing by both parties.

HomeQwest Development uses those funds to build and pay for the spec home only receiving reimbursement for overhead and profit at the sale closing after the investor has received full payment of interest due and all other closing costs have been paid. This process is repeated until the anniversary date of the agreement. At that time the investor will either decide to roll over his funds and continue or just cash out.

Active investing with HomeQwest Development Group, LLC The primary difference between Active & Passive Investing is the involvement of the investor, duration of commitment, complexity and risk of investment projects, size of investment funds and return on investment.

Active Investors are looking for much higher returns. Funds are still specifically for and secured by one property at a time through a third-party Title Agency closing then releasing those funds to HomeQwest. The investor receives a negotiated return on his/her investment usually between 20- 30% annually.

The business concept:


In the current economy, three things are obvious rents have moved out of sight, mortgage rates are low and house inventory is low.

HQ has the successful experience of collaborating with Investors in many locations, cities, and states. We are uniquely qualified in the ability to establish a rapport with other professionals in any marketplace, locate target properties, and orchestrate acquisitions then design and build homes for sale.

Our primary focus:

Our intention is to team with Private Investors looking to finance the acquisition of vacant lots and building single family homes primarily in Cape Coral, Florida.

Every Investor has an interest in safe financial gain but not all Investors share the same long-range goals. We offer a Private Lender Participation Program* which gives Investors a guaranteed 10% interest rate on construction financing and a guaranteed 15% interest rate on vacant lots (properties held in inventory will automatically increase annually). Your investment funds are secured by the real estate.

Each property is closed by a third-party Title Company placing title insurance at the time of closing. Builders Risk insurance is placed on each site at the notice of commencement. We are a fully insured licensed builder and real estate brokerage.

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Our market strategy:

We are looking to acquire single-family vacant lots in three (3) areas of Cape Coral. There is a distinct difference in property values among these areas. HQ will design, build and sell all houses. Our market is the midrange size and priced house appealing to the greatest percentage of buyers. HQ will not compete with national low-end builders or high-end builders looking to score big. We will design and build better affordably priced homes for families making up the largest percentage of the market.

Our operating structure:

HomeQwest Realty Group will research, negotiate, and acquire properties, then safeguard the investment from the asset management role. Each property will be held until determined for construction. HomeQwest Development Group will decide which properties will be chosen at any given time for a build order, whether spec home or custom order. Once a property is chosen the building permits will be applied for and all insurances put in place. Both companies will be involved in their respective roles through closing.

Financial Planning:

HomeQwest has created a performance statement which outlines different investment strategies. The first step in this venture is to establish the investment fund source. The second step is to establish the direction and goal of the fund.

The third step is the initial funding of HomeQwest to begin the process.

The collaboration between the Private Lenders and the associations within HomeQwest will provide all the participants in these ventures with a tremendous opportunity to build their financial wealth.

The HomeQwest Development Group partnership represents a unique and dynamic combination of success, expertise, and experience. The partners have distinguished themselves as sophisticated industry veterans who are committed to redefining personal service.

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