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  • A custom property web page will be created


  • A detailed description of the property with color photographs and a link to the web page will appear in the SWFL Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service


  • A custom e-mail blast with photos and a link to the property web page will be sent to several thousand agents (encompasses all major real estate offices in SWFL)


  • With the owner's permission, an Open House for the entire Brokerage community will be held


  • With the owner's permission, a For Sale sign will be placed on the property


  • A Drone video will be produced and used in advertising.

  • A custom color property brochure will be created, posted on your web page and printed and left on site

  • A custom video will be created that showcases your home will be posted on your web page, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other major Real Estate outlets. Circulation will be global 

  • Facebook and Instagram campaigns will be generated and run periodically through each week directly into the feeds of potential clients interested in your property

  • A custom e-mail blast with photos and a link to the property website will be sent to 3,000 of personal and business contacts

  • We can design and mail over 2000 "Just Listed" postcards that will be mailed to area residents for an additional fee. 

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Decluttering, cleaning thoroughly, putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls and getting rid of any odors will also help you make a good impression on buyers.

  • Cleaning - (deep clean to start, bi-weekly thereafter)

  • Staging (optional)

In-stream advertising based on Google search queries. Keyword targeting within Google AdWords 


  • Facebook pre-roll ads—commercials ahead of videos

  • YouTube pre-roll ads—commercials ahead of videos

  • Instagram Stories - Open House

  • Facebook Stories - Open House


We’ve designed our video advertising options to reflect the way people actually consume video—from bite-sized videos they watch with on the go, to longer video styles they watch on the couch.

The property will be featured on the following real estate websites:


  • HomeQwest.com

  • Realtor.com

  • Zillow.com

  • Trulia.com

  • Facebook.com

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram.com

  • YouTube.com

  • Linkedin.com

  • Plus.Google.com

  • Twitter.com

  • RedFin.com

  • Craigslist.com

  • Hotpads.com

  • Homeseekers.com

  • Estately.com

The property will be featured on HomeQwest social 

  • Facebook.com (5,000+ friends and followers)

  • Instagram.com (11,000+ photo followers)

  • LinkedIn.com (35,000+ followers)

  • Twitter.com (500+ Twitter followers)



Considering A New Career Or A New Brokerage?

Commission splits up to 90/10

*No Monthly Fee

*No Franchise Fee

*No Desk Fee

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