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Your Success Formula: Learn How Airbnb Works and How to Increase Your Earnings

Building a waterfront Airbnb in Cape Coral, Florida, or elsewhere in SW Florida can be a lucrative investment. The area is well-known for its beautiful beaches and waterways, making it a popular tourist and vacation destination. Furthermore, the area has a robust short-term rental market, which can provide a steady stream of visitors to your property.

A waterfront property can be especially appealing to guests because it provides access to activities like boating, fishing, and swimming. Outdoor spaces such as decks and patios can also be designed to take advantage of the waterfront views.


Cape Coral and SW Florida have a robust economy that is supported by tourism, a key industry. The area is also known for its great weather and natural beauty, making it a popular year-round destination. The area is growing in population and has many planned developments, which may increase demand for short-term rentals.

In conclusion, constructing a waterfront Airbnb in Cape Coral or SW Florida can be a wise investment because it can provide a steady stream of guests as well as the potential for high occupancy rates and rental income. It also has a great location, weather, and natural beauty that can draw tourists all year.


The Program:


HomeQwest Development has formed a strategic alliance with highly regarded vacation home property managers who have a large clientele in Europe. With over a decade of successful market experience, they provide a wide range of high-quality services, including:


High-quality villas in desirable locations, such as Cape Coral, with first-rate amenities and European-inspired design.

A track record of over 38,000 successfully concluded leases
Each client receives personalized service from a single point of contact.
A devoted customer base, including many return visitors from the United States and Europe
Rental programs that are tailored to the needs of both property owners and renters
With offices in Switzerland and Cape Coral, we can provide seamless service and support. Their professional handling of every aspect of the rental process, from beginning to end, including simple tenancy agreements and prompt deposit processing, as well as on-the-spot support from their competent German/English-speaking management team, make them the go-to choice for all of your vacation home needs in Southwest Florida.


They provide numerous benefits to our clients as a property management company based in Cape Coral and Switzerland. Their location allows them to attract a diverse range of customers, including European visitors to Florida during the summer and American visitors during the winter. They also provide the option of accepting bookings and making payouts in both USD and EURO. Services also include free marketing efforts such as professional photography for websites and 360-degree tours, as well as handling all correspondence and property administration. They also handle direct billing of sales and tourist taxes and offer personalized advice to customers via email and phone, even on weekends and holidays. With a convenient cancellation policy for owners, a one-month notice period, and a broad reach via newsletters and online portals such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, they stand out as a property management company.



The booking process starts when a customer completes a booking and receives an instant confirmation from our system. Concurrently, the property owner receives a confirmation with information such as the tenant's name, number of guests, and gross rental income. Tenants receive an automatically generated email 14 days before their arrival with all necessary check-in information, such as the key box code. Following that, the tenants will contact the property manager to set up a check-in time. Once the stay is over, the property manager will send us a check-in/out protocol that includes information like the electricity meter readings at arrival and departure, as well as any damages. They will use this information to create a service charge statement for the tenant as well as a statement for the property owner. The net payout will be paid to the property owner after check-out, with a monthly collective transfer made at the beginning of the following month.


Participating in this program as an "exclusive house listing" entails streamlined communication through a designated point of contact, as well as less effort on your part. If you decide to privately rent your house, simply notify us in advance of any private bookings or reservations made by yourself or your family to avoid any conflicts. You will also have access to the administration area of our booking system, which will allow you to monitor the status and occupancy of your property in real time.


These Airbnb houses must have the following amenities:


Modern furnishings with a cohesive design concept, king-size beds and smart TVs in each bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen with premium coffee makers (Nespresso and Keurig), and an outdoor area with a swimming pool, covered seating, grill, and comfortable seating are just some of the basic amenities.

WiFi with a minimum of 250+ Mbps to support 3-5 guests or up to 10 devices.

Linens, a hair dryer, air conditioning, an iron and ironing board, a clothes dryer, and a washing machine are all necessities.

For added security and convenience, install a keypad entry system, preferably with "ring" technology.

Other amenities that are desirable but not required include:

An outdoor kitchen and a spa or hot tub in the pool area

A pool table, kayaks, bikes, a PlayStation 5, and fitness equipment such as yoga mats are available for entertainment.


Property Management Responsibilities

  • Visually inspect for external damage (weekly)

  • Examine the windows, doors, major appliances, and electronic devices for proper operation (weekly)

  • Plumbing fixtures, appliances, and systems should all be tested (monthly)

  • Flush toilets to avoid stains and broken seals (weekly)

  • Keep an eye on the security system, the switch panel, and any visible pest infestations (weekly)

  • As needed, collect and forward mail/flyers (weekly)

  • Maintain the landscaping, sprinkler system, and pool/spa (weekly)

  • Inspect the pool/spa for proper operation and upkeep (weekly)

  • Take care of trash and waste removal (weekly)

  • Obtain estimates for any required repairs (weekly)



A la carte Extra Services:


  • Service providers and deliveries should meet and greet.

  • Check-in and check-out assistance for guests

  • Pre-arrival cleaning inspection

  • Tenant meet and greet

  • Tenants receive a welcome gift.

  • Preparation of check-in and check-out reports

  • Property inspection for damage

  • Contract management for security alarms

  • Inspections before and after a storm

  • Repair and maintenance services

  • Cleaning the house with the included materials and supplies

  • Payment of bills on behalf of the customer

  • Entering bills into QuickBooks

  • File preparation for CPA with a final price


Consulting Service A includes the following:


Interview to determine your requirements, budget, and design style.

Furniture proposal and color palette concept board

Floor plan design and space plan view

Changes to the original proposal

Online or in-person consultation for furniture, accessories, wall decor, and where to buy them (in the Cape Coral area)

Service A+ Full House - Consulting includes everything listed above, plus:


Store locations, prices, and product specifications

Project management is in charge of coordinating and carrying out the final project.

All furniture, accessories, bedding, tableware, lighting, wall décor, and so on.

If this is your first time working with an Interior Designer, be prepared to answer the following questions:


What is your preferred design style? (For example, modern, traditional, bohemian, etc.)

What is your project's timeline?

What is the project's budget?

What are your project objectives? (For example, making a space more functional and updating the appearance of a room)

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