Welcome to HomeQwest Realty Group, LLC Property Management. We do better when you do better. We've stripped down the multiple management fees others charge and have included all property management tasks for one flat fee. 

Note: We DO NOT handle Seasonal rentals.


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Capitalizing on the experience of 40 years in dedicated property management, HomeQwest Realty Group has a proven formula for residential management excellence. Our back-office systems and risk-control procedures supplement a team of dedicated professionals. Serving single- and multi-owner properties in Lee County Florida. We take pride in our reputation for financial expertise, capital project oversight, and attention to ongoing resident communications.


Rental disbursements to owners are processed by the 10th of every month and are transferred directly to your bank account on the same day.  


HomeQwest Realty Group has established itself as one of Southwest Florida's most trustworthy and dependable management companies with a retainage rate of 97.5%


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Rent Collection
Rental Disbursements
Scheduling Maintenance
Annual Lease Renewal with Tenant
Overseeing Basic Renovations/Maintenance
Contract Bidding/Negotiations/Oversight/Payouts


We understand the frustration of calling in to ask a question and getting handed off to someone who you don’t know and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere. To that end our policy has always been, you need to speak to a principal. When our phones ring we answer unless in the field or on an appointment. Call or email us and expect an answer within 24 hours.


We meet all prospects at an open house or private showing where we engage in conversations designed to learn things about our guests. That is our first impression. Any prospect desiring to be considered will apply typically online through our website for both a credit and background check. This usually has a 24 hour turn around.  


We place our advertising in many high traffic venues and the calls and emails come in. Our main leasing program is through open houses although we will do private showings as well. Turnaround time is usually well under 30 days providing the unit is ready for showing.


You will receive rent, processed invoices, reports both maintenance and financial  by the 9th of every month.