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Joseph A. DeLuca

Managing Partner

– Real Estate Broker

– Building and Development 
– Financial Project Administration 

The primary source of expertise in the HomeQwest companies, his main function spanning 45 years has been as the land developer of commercial & residential subdivisions, general contractor, and real estate broker for large and medium-sized investor groups. 

He is an accomplished, well-respected industry professional his knowledge is extensive in property type, marketing, due diligence, finance, construction and real estate transactions. He is a highly adept liaison bridging gaps between professionals, building contractors, new home buyers, funding partnerships and private investors.

His expertise has further enhanced client relationships by controlling expenses, improving the efficiency of design and maintaining the quality standards our clients have come to expect. 

 “Joseph has demonstrated reliable command of field knowledge, fastidious attention to detail as well as gifted insight to evaluate problems and requisite forcefulness to implement effective solutions.”

- Thomas Cusack, President, Cusack Professional Learning Center. 

Client: Asset Management & Construction 


Angelo Cario

Managing Partner - Marketing & Technology

– Client Building Process Liaison

Angelo guides each client through the new home building process, his attention to detail is unmatched.  We build custom houses for families looking forward to putting their own personal choices into the place they will call home.

The planning stage is a critical phase in the overall process. Angelo will help you through selections from windows and doors, color choices inside and out, kitchen cabinets and counters, carpet, tile and so much more. Angelo will follow up with our vendors and contractors making sure your selections are locked in.

HomeQwest Development Group prides itself on the relationship we forge with our clients.  Better service and more attention to detail are key to a better experience.


John P. Ritchie

Managing Partner – Construction Operations

–  CBC 1251727

John holds both General Contractor and Certified Building Contractor licenses, his experience in commercial and residential construction span more than 20 years. John has distinguished himself building custom homes since 1995. A Certified Green Building Professional, John strives to diligently provide the highest quality, most energy efficient and aesthetically appealing home. His reputation and success have been recognized for years by clients, even making the cover of magazines.


John oversees all phases of construction from filing building permits through certificate of occupancy.

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