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Prospective client budget is a crucial aspect of our process

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

I always ask prospective clients what their budget is. 9/10 they answer that they don't know, because they don't know what construction costs are in SW Florida.

"Budget" and "cost" are related but different concepts. A budget is the planned amount that you can spend on something, based on your financial situation. For example, if you have $150k saved up for a renovation, that's what you can spend. On the other hand, the cost is the dollar figure associated with the actual purchase of a certain item or service. It doesn't take into account your budget. A steak costs $50 whether you can afford it or not.

When working with clients, it's important to understand their budget in order to give them an accurate idea of what they can expect to get for their money. This is why architects and other professionals often ask for a client's budget early on in the conversation.

A client's budget can also help professionals factor in additional costs that the client may not be aware of. For example, an extensive renovation may require upgrading electrical work or doing new HVAC, which can add to the overall cost.

Sometimes clients are hesitant to give their budget, for fear that the professional will "spend it all." However, this lack of transparency can make it difficult for the professional to give an accurate estimate of what can be accomplished within the client's budget.

Developers also have budget numbers in mind when working on a project, and it's important for them to be upfront and honest about those numbers with their architect.

Trust and long-term relationships play a crucial role in this process. When a client is open and honest about their budget, the professional can do a better job of getting the client the results they want, within their budget.

It's important to remember that professionals don't care what a client's budget is, whether it's $10,000 or $100m. What matters is that the client understands the relationship between costs and scope, and is realistic about what they can get for what they can spend.

Clients should be open to working with professionals to get the most value out of their budget. Being shady or unrealistic about the budget will not lead to the best outcome.

It's also worth noting that the specificity of the information a professional can give you is proportional to the specificity of the information you give them. So be as specific as possible when discussing your budget with a professional.

In conclusion, understanding the difference between budget and cost is essential when working on a project. Be open and honest with professionals about your budget and realistic about what you can get for what you can spend. This will lead to the best outcome for your project.

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